Cork pavement

What is FC Cork pavement? Cork pavement refers to a floor paving material attached to the floor by evenly mixing and laying cork that can be obtained from oak bark with an eco-friendly binder or manufacturing in the form of a plate-shaped mat

Features of FC cork pavement

- Minimizes exercise fatigue when walking with elasticity of cork and binder
- Low emission of harmful substances such as heavy metals, TVOCS, PAHs, etc.
- Alleviates the heat island phenomenon with low thermal conductivity
- Minimizes rainfall effluent with excellent permeability
- Secures durability with excellent antibacterial properties

Uses of FC cork pavement

- Various pedestrian facilities such as park trails and dulle-gil
- Sports facilities, school playground tracks
- Indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds
- Various outdoor facilities (housing yard, rooftop, etc.)

For general sidewalks

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For children's activity space

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